Community Guidelines

Rules that keep you from getting banned

Be Excellent to Each Other

VRChat is a place filled with creative and interesting people who love building things in virtual reality and having fun.

Our Moderators have been granted a lot of laissez-faire in order to try to keep it that way, so rule number one is to do whatever you can not to negatively impact the experience of other users.

Be 13 or Older

You must be 13 or older to use VRChat services.

Exercise Proper Mic Etiquette

If you’re going to be away from the computer for a while? Mute your microphone.

Try to keep your microphone broadcasting at reasonable levels - if you’re too close to the microphone or too far away from the microphone, you’re going to negatively impact the experience for people around you.


Any profanity should be kept at a minimum, and should not be used when addressing others.

Hateful speech of any kind is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to hateful speech involving any of the following subjects:

  • Race / Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Lifestyle
  • Religion

Sexual Content

Overtly sexual content, including avatars, worlds, and YouTube video walls, are explicitly forbidden.

While this presents a significant gray area, moderator decisions on the matter are final.

Self-Promotion or Soliciting

VRChat public worlds are not a place to promote your business, nor are private rooms for which you do not have explicit permission to do so from the room creator.

If you wish to promote a product or service through VRChat in a public space, reach out to [email protected] for discussion on potential ways we could work together.

Politics & Religion

We understand that politics is intertwined with daily events. Political debates are not welcome in VRChat unless in a private space where all participants are aware and accepting of the discussion. As soon as any discussion becomes a hostile environment, we will take appropriate action.

VRChat public spaces are also not the place to spread religious or political beliefs or viewpoints.

Interference & Assault

Moving avatars against their will, or blocking avatars in a space in which they cannot move, is forbidden.

Illegal Activities

Illegal activities are prohibited in VRChat. This also pertains to any action or statement associated with drug activity or direct selling of drugs.

Distribution of Personal Information

Publishing private or identifying information about other community members is forbidden, even if they have already revealed that information.

Petitions & Protests

All questions and concerns should be emailed to [email protected]. Any effort to organize a petition or protest on official VRChat channels is forbidden. These include but are not limited to VRChat, the VRChat subreddit, and the VRChat Community Discord.

Trolling & Harassment

Do not repeatedly follow, message, or interact with other community members after being asked to stop.

Hacks, Malicious Programs or Circumventing Account Suspension/Termination

Please do not use malicious programs, hack our client, or circumvent account suspension/termination.


Disruptive accounts might be kicked from a room temporarily, banned from VRChat temporarily, or in some extreme cases, banned from VRChat permanently.

Dispute Resolution

If you feel that you have been blocked mistakenly, or you have mended your trollsome ways and wish to make a case for your reintroduction into polite society, send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will take a closer look at your case.